Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New blog

Kantosky Photography is getting a New Blog. It will be a new look and a brand new start. I will post a link to the new one as soon as it is up and running. I am not sure if all the current blogs will transfer over or not, but I am going to try!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet baby {L}

Meet baby {L}. He was a sweet sleepy baby that did NOT like being on his tummy. But he didn't mind laying all different ways. I enjoyed being able to love on him. I am so glad that I can not have any more babies, because this job is very dangerous! It pulls on those mommy heart strings. Yet in the end, I don't mind giving them back up. Hee, hee. I do always hope that they go home and actually sleep good for mom and dad. I love some of the details and artistic shots that we were able to get with him. Can you pick out my favorite picture? It made it on the wall of the studio!!!


Meet baby {E}

A great compliment for photographers is a referral. This sweet baby came to me from a sweet friend. I enjoyed every minute talking with her mom, dad and Grandma. Little {E} was soooo hungry, she probably ate about 75% of the time that we were together. We could not figure out where she was putting it all. I am sure she wont be this little bitty baby for long. It is sad how fast our sweet children grow, yet amazing all at the same time.

{E} is a military baby so we made sure to get pictures of her on her daddy's Marine uniform.  

I always tell our mommy's that they are more than welcome to sleep while they are with this case, Daddy is a night worker and was extremely tired. He napped on our sofa!

We couldn't finish without a quick picture of the new family together.

Im starting to realize that I shoot a ton of horizontal images. I need to shoot more vertical!!! :)


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Amanda and Brandon are Engaged!!

Amanda and Brandon came to see me in Roanoke and we started their engagement session. Amanda has the prettiest smile that lights up the room. We walked around and took advantage of the small town.
Can't wait until your wedding Brandon and Amanda!


Meet {Chloe}

This is Chloe (and no it is not MY little). It was very hot outside and she was a trooper. She was very interested in the people walking the street. But like any one year old, she liked all the rocks, leaves and dirt on the ground.
It is funny how small the world is. I knew her dad a LONG time ago. We both laughed a bit when they got out of the car. It was the whole, "hey I know you" thing. Chloe is lucky to have such a good mom and dad!

I love baby rolls....and baby eyelashes!


She was not too sure about the cake!


baby {Christian}

Another catch up post folks. Before you know it this sweet baby will be a year old and I am just now writing his blog. (Im getting better at this though.)
This is the sweet result of the birthing center birth I posted a while back. The whole birth was amazing. Christian did so good for me. He was not wanting to sleep a whole lot for momma and did NOT like riding in the car. However, I think he KNEW he needed to be good for me and he was. I love these sleepy babies!!!