Monday, September 26, 2011

i {heart} faces challenge | Best Face Summer 2011

So its people choice this week and I haven't entered in a while so I thought I would go ahead and have a go at it. This is one of my favorite pictures from this is simple but it's a killer. This is one of my best friends daughter and I caught it while I was shooting her sisters newborn pictures. She is gorgeous and has the most piercing eyes! I just LOVE her! So head on over to I hearts faces and check out the other entries!



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{Noah} turns 5

I love that my clients, friends and family continue to return to me for new events in their lives! I have been photographing Noah for the past few years and it is so much fun to watch him grow up. He turned 5 recently and we took him out to a place that would be perfect for him. A place with a blue truck! He could get in and on the truck and I knew this would be a great place for a 5 year old boy! He loved it and the pictures turned out great.
This is Noah....

 He has seriously got the cutest smile!
 Playing a little game with me....he is so sweet!

I love to watch these kids grow up. I just hope it isn't too fast!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Add on to the {Jones} family

I love when my families come to me with an idea they have! There is a special one in here. I won't say which...but there is one!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The { J } family Sneak Peek!

I was able to photograph a very sweet family this weekend with a very big secret! However, these two photos will not reveal what the secret is!

Isn't he so cute! I love his cheeks!!!


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet {Brooklyn}

I have had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful (and when I say Beautiful I mean BEAUUUUTIFUL) little girl since she was a newborn! I can't get over her eyes and her sweet, sweet smiles!!! I Love my job!
So without any further Brooklyn...

She is 6 moths old.....and look at her smile! She is so precious!

 I just love her!!!

Perfect eyes!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{Audrey} class of 2011

This is probably my top meaningful session I have had. Probably more so for me than her, but needless to say it is! Audrey is so smart, caring and beautiful! She will be attending Rice university. Way to go Audrey!!!
Im going to share a little back history and some really meaningful and low moments that her family has made it through. This post has been very hard for me to write because of the emotion and I have been putting it off as to make it through the whole thing.
When Audrey was younger, she and her sister used to help babysit my 2 oldest sons when I REALLY needed them, Usually at the very LAST moments notice. Her mother hired me to work for her in apartment leasing, MANY moons ago. If it would not have been for her, I would not have been working at the place I was when I met my sweet husband. If I have never told you, Thank you! Those were some great times, and some sad times. Through it all, it was great to see her grow up into a BEAUTIFUL young lady!
SO......there has been a very traumatic time in there life that they have been through and completely trusted in God. It is amazing to see their faith and love through it all. Audrey had a beautiful older sister Taylor. She was full of life and happiness, a true testament of life. Taylor met a very sweet young man and fell in love. She was pregnant with her first baby and on her way to have lunch with her mom at a family members house, the weather was starting to get rocky, which happens very often in Texas and at a drop of a hat! Taylor got out of the car to go into the house, and when she stepped out, she was struck by lightening. It was then that Jesus gained a beautiful girl and sweet baby.  She was rushed to an intensive burn unit but the damage was too great.
Audrey and her mom are such warriors. I love you both. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life, and thank you for being in mine!

Look at all her cords! She has accomplished so much! I can't wait to hear what you accomplish at Rice University!

 The one below is The most special. The peace sign was for her sister! Something Taylor would have done! Love it!