Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet baby {E}

A great compliment for photographers is a referral. This sweet baby came to me from a sweet friend. I enjoyed every minute talking with her mom, dad and Grandma. Little {E} was soooo hungry, she probably ate about 75% of the time that we were together. We could not figure out where she was putting it all. I am sure she wont be this little bitty baby for long. It is sad how fast our sweet children grow, yet amazing all at the same time.

{E} is a military baby so we made sure to get pictures of her on her daddy's Marine uniform.  

I always tell our mommy's that they are more than welcome to sleep while they are with this case, Daddy is a night worker and was extremely tired. He napped on our sofa!

We couldn't finish without a quick picture of the new family together.

Im starting to realize that I shoot a ton of horizontal images. I need to shoot more vertical!!! :)


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