About Me

Im a.........
Wife. Mom of 4. Artist. Daughter. Grand Daughter. Dr. Pepper Junkie. Prop-Aholic.
I LOVE to laugh and I will try to make you laugh as well! Grudges are not my thing so don't expect me to carry one.
When I was growing up I had one dream...to be a photographer(Okay 2...one was to be a mom).  I graduated high school and decided to start going to school for photography. It was then that my mom decided to pass on her film camera to me. I started a love for film and spending time in a dark room. I would say...."I am NEVER going to do digital photography". Yet here I am, times change. I still have a strong love for seeing the prints appear before my eyes but I also now have a love for enhancing images in photoshop. I believe a straight out of the camera {or SOOC} shot, is not complete. Once an image is uploaded into photoshop, you are able to slightly enhance colors, remove blemishes, make them black and white.....the possibilities are endless. If only taking a picture is what you are looking for, then we are not the right match. The other part of my job is being able to completely finish your sessions images from the click of the button until the time a print is placed in your hands. I take pride in my work and I enjoy being able to get to know my clients.
I would love to get a chance to tell your story!